Global Security Consulting, Risk Management & Project Facilitation

At Atmospherics Unlimited, we work in some of the world’s most austere environments.  Over the years, we’ve learned that with the right tools and planning, no country is too challenging and no mission is impossible.

Our mission is to help our clients operate effectively in the most austere, remote, and hostile environments.  In Africa, the Middle East and Asia, we’ve advised clients in combat zones, assisted with peacekeeping and reconstruction efforts, and supported a number of commercial ventures in hostile areas.  No matter what your organisation’s objectives, AU is there to keep you up-to-date on vital security developments and other important information requirements. Our Global Security Consulting Services include:

The AU Difference: Comprehensive Field Networks

At AU, your mission is our mission.  We go where you need us and deliver information when you need it.  Unlike many other global security consulting companies whose security advisers rarely venture outside the walls of a secure compound, we never make security recommendations on a location we haven’t experienced first-hand.  That’s the AU difference – no matter what the operation, we will satisfy your organisation’s information requirements directly from the field using our extensive networks of local and international field operators.

Contact us now to find out how AU’s hands-on approach to security consulting and project facilitation can both enhance your organisation’s safety and security and boost your rate of success in insecure operating environments.

Afghanistan Security & Risk Management

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Somalia Security & Risk Management

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Emerging Markets & Volatile Areas

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If you operate or plan on operating in emerging markets or volatile areas, AU can help you secure your objectives. AU provides specific services to help its clients succeed:

If you or your company are currently working in a volatile area or are planning for future operations in the country, contact AU today or call us at +44 330 828 0060 (UK) or +356 2778 0977 (EU) to find out how we can assist you with security and operational support.